PLR How To Organize Your Support Desk Review And Bonuses!

You started an online business. Or maybe you run a brick-and-mortar business in the “real world” and you advertise your products and services online. Either way, you’ve got a website where customers can contact you. They can buy your products, ask questions before they make a purchase, and let you know when they have a problem.

When you’re starting out and your business is small, you can probably handle all customer requests through email alone.

You supply your customers with an email address where they can contact you. As one of your many duties as owner/salesperson/customer service rep for your business, you occasionally communicate with your customers. This isn’t too hard to do when you’re first starting out with some type of online presence.

You get an email every now and then from a customer. You trade emails back and forth a couple of times, and you eventually solve whatever problem that customer had.

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More customers also mean more problems.

The downside is …

 You may not be able to handle all your customer contacts efficiently this way.

 You realize that you aren’t getting to some customer complaints in a timely manner.

 Every now and then you forget to follow up with a customer.

 As a 1-man business, you end up spending too much time as a customer service specialist and not enough time building your business.

If you don’t do something quickly, you’re going to lose customers and get a terrible reputation.

You think, “No big deal. There are support desk applications and pieces of software that can solve my problem for me.”

That’s true. There are many service desk systems out there that can reduce the amount of time you have to interact with your customers when they contact your business.

A lot of them offer canned responses and knowledge bases that can solve problems without you ever having to get involved.

They integrate with your email provider and your social media accounts.

They allow you to provide contact through a telephone number, email, live chat session and several other communication channels.

The problem is …

Support desk systems can be expensive and difficult to use.

Use the wrong support system to try and keep your customers happy and you could waste a lot of valuable (and lose customers) in the process.

 Your customers end up frustrated, and you do too.

 You have to pay heavy monthly fees to use some support desk services.

 It takes forever to understand how they work.

 They’re either too complex or they don’t offer enough features.

You end up hiring someone to manually monitor your email the old-fashioned way, and your customer service problems never get fixed. You help a few people and leave a lot of your customers frustrated and angry.

Don’t worry. There’s good news. I’m here to tell you that you can…

 Start and run a successful support desk for your company without paying any monthly fees.

 You can choose basic simplicity, or tons of features.

 You can communicate through multiple channels with your customer so they contact you where they feel the most comfortable.

 Maybe best of all, there are companies that make the process super simple and you can have a professional support desk set up in an afternoon … for free.

If this sounds like nothing but a dream, it isn’t.

I have created a special report that shows you how to quickly and easily start and run an effective support desk for your business. It turns frustrated customers into people that want to do business with you again.

It turns problems into solutions and minimizes the amount of time you or your staff needs to spend to create positive solutions for your customers.

That report is simply titled…


“How To Organize Your Support Desk”

Maybe you have tried to run a support desk in the past and failed. Perhaps you’re brand-new to setting up a help desk or support desk. No matter your situation, if you need to create a support desk that benefits both you and your customers, that’s exactly what my report offers.

Here’s what you learn when you download your copy of How To Organize Your Support Desk.

 The important differences between a full-fledged support desk and a simple help desk.

 4 signs that you need an automated support desk solution. (There comes a point in time with your business that simple email monitoring isn’t good enough.)

 There are 3 levels of customer support, and 99% of businesses only offer 1 of them. (Become proficient at the 2 levels of customer support most companies don’t offer and you instantly improve your perception as an authority and leader in your field.)

 Why you may not want to offer certain support channels.

 The simple 75%/25% formula that lets you know how many support desk employees and hours you need. (Apply this formula regularly to see if you need to grow or cut back your support desk staff.)

 The questions you need to ask to make sure you hire the right people for your support desk.

 The 3 questions you have to answer to make sure you are monitoring the right data. (Every customer interaction creates a lot of data. You have to know what data to monitor to improve the experience for your staff and your customers.)

 Support desk systems that charge no monthly fees for you to use their products.

 A 6-step process that makes organizing a support desk quick and easy.

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