AI BulkShorts Reviews (Ram Rawat) 100% Honest Opinion!

Brand New ChatGPT-Powered App That Creates Hundreds Of Shorts/Reel Videos Without Any Editing, In Any Niche With A Single Keyword!

1 Keyword = 300 Short Videos In Any Niche With Zero Editing! Works For Instagram,
YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, And More.

“Dominate Every Short-Video Platform With AI.

Turn 1 Keyword Into Hundreds Of Shorts Videos Without Ever Recording Or Editing Anything Yourself!”

Hi, my name is Ram Rawat, and I am a marketing nerd that loves to solve complicated problems especially for online marketers.

And I am super grateful to be able to help over 100,000 marketers worldwide succeed with my training, strategies and softwares. Which in turn has generated me over $2,500,000 in sales in last 5 years.

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Products Name: AI BulkShort

Price: Regular Price $10,352  And Offer Price $17 Today

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Niche: Softwre

Rating: 8.5 Out of 10.

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All It Takes Is 1 Keyword

That’s The Only Thing That You Need To Do… 

Literally, You Only Have One Job Is To Enter A Keyword And Click “Generate”.

After That, “AI BulkShorts” Will Take Care Of The Rest.

AI BulkShorts Will Write All The Scripts

After You Enter Your Keyword, AI BulkShorts Will Start By Generating Hundreds Of Video Scripts.

And We Are Not Talking About Some Random Scripts. These Are Scripts That Will Turn Everyone Who Watches Your Videos Into A Loyal Fan, And Customers.

AI BulkShorts Will Create All The Voiceovers 

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Scripts only is not very beneficial.

That’s why AI BulkShorts, will take those scripts, and turn them into AI voiceovers.

But none of those robotic, unrealistic voices…

AI BulkShorts comes with hundreds of human-like voices in dozens of accents and languages, to ensure that your videos will 100% sounds human… 

AI BulkShorts Will Generate AI Animation

Now That We Have Our Voiceovers. It’s Time To Generate The Actual Videos. 

Again, Like All Of The Other Steps. You Don’t Have To Do Anything. Everything Is Done For You On The Background.

AI BulkShorts Will Automatically Create Stunning And Viral Videos For You In Seconds. 

And I’m Not Talking About 1 Or 2 Videos. We Are Talking About Hundreds Of Unique Videos.

AI BulkShorts Will Generate All “Titles, Descriptions, etc…”

This Is The Final Step… 

After AI BulkShorts Generated All Of Our Videos… It Will Give Us Highly Optimized Title, Descriptions, And Even Tags.

To Use On Each Platform… Ensuring That Our Videos Go Viral!

AI BulkShorts Will Give You Hundreds Of DFY Videos

That’s It… 

Now You Will Have Hundreds Of Unique And Viral Videos, Based On The Keyword You Entered.

All Of That Happens On The Background… 

All It Takes From Entering Your Keyword, To Getting Your Videos Is Just A Few Minutes.

Thanks for Reading This ‘AI BulkShort Review’ Best Of Luck.

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